NSW 2021 NSW All Schools - 12 year olds in year 6 can enter this year

Simon Hampel

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Huge news for the 2021 NSW All Schools championships!

Normally this event is restricted to high school kids only. There is always category for "12 year old" kids (year 7 kids who are young for their year) - but the high school only rule usually means that this is a very small group.

Because of lockdowns in 2021, most primary school year 6 kids did not get their full school competition.

So as a special feature this year, Athletics NSW are allowing kids in year 6 who turn 12 years old in 2021 (ie kids born in 2009) to compete at the 2021 All Schools Championships with the high school kids!

Link to the main event page for high school kids is here: 2021 NSW All Schools Championships

Note from that page:

For athletes who attended primary school in year 6 who will be the age of 12 by the end of this year are also eligible. More information on eligibility, registration and selection can be found by following this LINK.​
12yo year 6 primary school kids will need to register an expression of interest here: 2021 NSW All Schools Championships - Primary Expression of Interest

This portal is exclusive to those primary school kids in year 6 who will be 12 years of age as of 31st December. We are providing this to those kids as they have missed opportunities during their final school year, while their age still aligns with our competition rules.​
This entry is application only, ANSW will confirm your spot in the competition after entries have closed. All entries are subject to field sizes and compatability with the event timetable. Therefore, applications may be rejected or you may not gain entry to all nominated events.

Entries close 10AM 29th November!
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