NSW Hurdles Competitions

Simon Hampel

Staff member
It can be difficult to find competitions where there are hurdles available, so I thought it would be a good idea to list any events here so people can find opportunities to race hurdles.

So far in NSW I have found the following opportunities to run straight/sprint hurdles:

The only circular hurdles event I have found so far is NSW All Schools.

There should also be both straight and circular hurdles at the following events:
  • 28-30 Jan 2022 ACT Open and U20 Track & Field Championships @ AIS, Canberra
  • 18-20 Feb 2022 ACT U14-U18 Track & Field Championships @ Woden Athletic Track, Canberra
  • 18-20 Feb 2022 Athletics NSW Open & U23 Championships @ SOPAC
  • 25-27 Feb 2022 Athletics NSW U14-U20 Championships @SOPAC
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