Little Athletics Hurdles Specifications

Simon Hampel

Staff member
These are the Little Athletics Australia hurdles specifications which came into effect from the start of the 2019/20 season.

Straight / sprint hurdles:


Age GroupDistanceNumber & Height
U8+U9 girls60m6 x 45cm
U10 girls60m6 x 60cm
U11 girls80m9 x 60cm
U12 girls80m9 x 68cm
U13+U14 girls80m9 x 76cm
U15 girls90m9 x 76cm
U17 girls100m10 x 76cm


Age GroupDistanceNumber & Height
U8+U9 boys60m6 x 45cm
U10 boys60m6 x 60cm
U11 boys80m9 x 60cm
U12 boys80m9 x 68cm
U13 boys80m9 x 76cm
U14 boys90m9 x 76cm
U15 boys100m10 x 76cm
U17 boys110m10 x 76cm

Circular / long hurdles:

Girls & Boys

Age GroupDistanceNumber & Height
U13 girls & boys200m5 x 68cm
U14 girls & boys200m5 x 76cm
U15+U17 girls & boys300m7 x 76cm